» » Archangel Rising (Archangel One, n 2) by Evan Currie

Archangel Rising (Archangel One, n 2) by Evan Currie

Archangel Rising (Archangel One, n  2) by Evan Currie
Archangel Rising (Archangel One, n 2) by Evan Currie
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Descirption: Archangel Squadron faces off against the forces of the brutal Protectorate to claim a prize, and save humanity, in a gripping novel of deep space jeopardy by the author of the Odyssey One series.
At the helm of a commandeered freighter, Captain Steph Michaels has infiltrated the Free Star systems. Leading a captive crew, and posing as a privateer, he's on a mission to seize a precious resource from an enemy outpost. Backed by his Archangel Squadron, it's a smash-and-grab operation he can pull off in his sleep. Until it isn't. Before he and his "pirates" can strike, they're met with an unexpected obstacle. The mining compound they're targeting also houses camps of slave laboring families. It's an innocent population Steph refuses to sacrifice as collateral damage, and his morality will drive him to greater extremes than ever before. With a ruthless enemy commander facing them down, Steph will find himself in conflict with not just the Free Stars but potentially with the Empire itself. The odds of victory? Impossible to foretell.

About the Author
Bestselling Canadian author Evan Currie has an imagination that kno no limits, and he uses his talent and passion for storytelling to take readers every­where from ancient Rome to the dark expanses of space. Although he started out dabbling in careers such as computer science and the local lobster industry, Currie quickly determined that writing the kinds of stories he grew up loving was his true life's calling. Beginning with the techno-thriller Thermals , Evan has expanded the universe within his mind with acclaimed series including Archangel One, Warrior's Wings, the Scourwind Legacy, the Hayden War Cycle, and Odyssey One. He delights in pushing the boundaries of technology and culture, and exploring the ways in which these forces intertwine and could shape the future of humanity-both on Earth and among the stars. For more information, visit .evancurrie.ca.